Lead Generation

What Is Lead Generation:
In the marketing world, lead generation is a widely used process that helps consumers inquire about a particular product or service that is provided by a business. It often makes use of digital channels and recently has been going through a lot of change due to the influx in the popularity of social media techniques. This rise can be credited directly to the availability of a large amount of data being available on the internet with relative ease.

Why Is It Important For Your Business:
With the change in technology, the buying and selling transactions in the market have changed tremendously as well. Instead of going out of their way to find customers, businesses now make their websites in such ways that customers find them and learn about them on their own. Lead Generation takes place through the following ways:

Email and PPC are used for LEAD GENERATION

Social Media and Content marketing are used for BOTH

Online Advertisement is used for RAISING AWARENESS

SEO is the only activity that seems genuinely MULTI-PURPOSE